Our Story Our Home

My husband and I bought a 2.5 acre homestead in August of 2016. Though the farm is not certified organic it has been cultivated with organic principles for many years and we plan to continue with the same principles.
We have approximately 30 fig trees, 15 blueberry bushes, a plum and pear tree and muscadine grapes. We also are building up an herb garden and plant seasonal vegetables for our own supply. Our son recently started raising ducks and we hope to add chickens and other birds to the collection.
When we moved to this beautiful state of Arkansas and this wonderful place we like to call home, Arkadelphia, we both were working.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and I am triple registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer registered in Abdomen, OB/GYN and Vascular.  My husband, Darren, has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and works for a Fire and Security company out of Little Rock.
I am currently working the farmstead full time, blogging and encouraging a life well lived.  This blog will share our lives and all the things we are doing on our farmstead.  Our hope is that through our experiences and work on this farm we will be able to help and encourage others to begin eating clean, moving daily, praying often and loving much by living a sustainable, holistic lifestyle.
Since farming is seasonal, as things become available, we will be offering different produce and products for sale through this site and plenty of advice for those that want to create their own garden for self sustainability and focus on health and wellness.

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