Why We Decided to Homestead

The desire to homestead has been mine not my husbands.  He likes the idea.  He likes the pounds of fresh figs. He likes the time we spend together working on everything. He likes making me happy. What he doesn’t like is the heat and all the work after work.  Even so, he believes in what we do. That it is important to take control of what you can for your health, for the environment and for your future.

I grew up in the big city.  I was not a country girl, though I was one at heart.  I never gave a thought to the food we had on our plate, where it came from, all I knew was it came from the store.  It wasn’t until I started my education as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer that I started to learn how the body worked and started to give thought to my own health.  Just as I was graduating my father was dying from his multitude of health issues. Diabetes, congestive heart failure, heart disease, and a failing kidney transplant were all part of his many ailments.  That is when I really started to look into things. I didn’t want the same fate and given my family history I knew it was a very high probability.

Dad in the hospital

What I found in my research was shocking to me.  I guess I was still in that stage of life when you believe big corporations are there for the benefit of the people   and not just themselves.  I learned mono-crops were for mass production not for the preservation of the environment.  I learned about organic and GMO’s. Don’t you think it is a little crazy that our food must be labeled organic and the GMO pesticide ridden food doesn’t need labeled for what it is?  I also think it is insane that we call things like Pringles, Kraft Mac and Cheese and Captain Crunch food.

I also learned how meat is raised and processed.   Sad is all I can say.  Have you ever driven by a chicken or pig farm, you know the ones owned by the big company’s.  You will notice nothing more than very large buildings.  You don’t see chickens or pigs outside enjoying the sun.  Or how about a cattle yard where they are taken for slaughter.  You will see hundreds if not thousands of cattle in a relatively small space and the smell, well there is a reason no one lives near those plants.  I understand there is a need to feed the people but honestly we live in a time of abundance and convenience is what drives the market.  There is a burger or chicken joint on every corner.

Anyway, I realized I was part of the problem and that I had bought into the marketing propaganda of what was healthy.  The same thing that cost my father and so many others their life.  My father really thought he was eating healthier having the fish sandwich at McDonalds instead of the Big Mac and I was no better thinking eating the 100 calorie snacks was healthier option.    The challenge now was how to break away from it all.  The reality is every aspect of our society is built around these things.  I still find myself giving in to the conveniences society has put around us but my homestead, my organic gardens and orchards are my way of taking a little responsibility for my health, the environment and my attempt to help others.  I believe an organic home garden and buying your meat from a local area farmer as you can is one of the most powerful things a person can do for themselves and their family.  Where you spend your money can make all the difference in what the future looks like.

No you don’t need a homestead like ours to make changes.  You may not have a desire to do things on the scale we have but every little bit makes a difference. Every small change you can make can have a huge impact on the quality of your future.  If you would like to learn more about health, healing and medical things follow me on my health blog.

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