My Journey to EMPL on Blue Fig Farmstead

2018 was a year of discovery for me.  I decided about this time in 2017 to spend the next year focusing on my health.  Have you ever felt like something wasn’t quite right but you didn’t know what and felt like those you had turned too (doctors and other health professionals) were missing something.  That is how I was feeling and I was a little scared to be honest.

I am a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and spend my days helping others figure out there health issues but was struggling to figure out what was happening to me.  The first strange thing that happened that caught my attention was when I was working on my homestead and suddenly felt a strange sensation in my right arm and could not move it let alone feel it when I bent down to reach for something.  I stood up and the feeling came back and then it happened again.  I wasn’t ready to deal with my health, whatever it was stopped and I moved on.  Then a couple months later I was on call working a 24 hour shift at the hospital and had a particularly busy day when I suddenly had a visual disturbance that caused everything to turn on its side causing me to go down.  I never lost consciousness but was visibly shaken as I have never had anything like this happen before.

After my near syncope episode I decided it was time to start figuring things out.  Let me just say here, if I did not have the amount of knowledge I have in diagnostic medicine I don’t know that I would not have figured things out.  (I feel for all of you out there struggling for answers.)  After months of multiple doctors appointments and being told by the doctors that my suspicions were considered by the insurance agencies as “a rare diagnosis” and that they would not do the requested tests I was discouraged and a little angry at our healthcare system.

I don’t know if things were getting worse or if I was simply now paying attention but I was now writing everything down. I bought a Fitbit, I started intermittent fasting, I started a whole food plant based diet, I was focused on reducing inflammation as I believe inflammation is the root of all disease.  I wanted to know I was doing everything I could to improve my health and I wanted to be able to tell doctors what was and wasn’t working.  I focused on eating clean, moving daily, praying often and loving much.

Now after these and several other unfortunate events in my healthcare career, I have decided to focus on the love I have for this home we call Blue Fig Farmstead. I am sure I will be sharing more of these unfortunate events since they have shaped my view on healthcare, sustainability, living holistically and have involved my own health care challenges.

The more we learn how to get back to basics and live as we are meant to live the healthier our lives will become. I am so glad you have decided to join me in this new adventure.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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