Garden Tips for March

March is fast approaching. When you start seeing the daffodils pop up and the fruit trees blooming you can’t help but get excited. (Blue Fig Farmstead is in Zone 7b/8a) Warmer days are ahead that you can spend all day outside without breaking a sweat. That is a big deal here by the way. March is when all I want to do is get my hands in the dirt and start planting all the seeds. So here are my garden tips for March.

Know the difference

#1 Garden tip for March: Know the difference. Is it Spring or Fool’s Spring? Every year my Plum tree seems to bloom earlier and earlier. This year I saw the beautiful white blooms by mid February. (Fools spring can do serious damage to your trees and bushes) Last year my Plum and Pear trees were in full bloom by March and we had a hard freeze the last weekend of March. My poor Pear tree was seriously damaged. I would have to say about 40% of the tree was damaged. It was such a sad sight to see. My plum tree did a little better possibly because it didn’t get a direct hit from the north winds.

Now do you see why there is a need to hold off on planting in March. One minute the weather makes you think you are its one and only and the next it is turning on you and all your love only to come back again professing its love to you again. Don’t be fooled, March is just crazy!

Garden tip for March: Don’t be fooled

Finish what needs done

#2 Garden tip for March: Finish what needs done. If you have not done all the things to prepare for Spring in January and February then March is your last chance to get those things done. Go here to see what can be done in January and February.

Know What You Can Plant

#3 Garden tip for March: Know What You Can Plant. If you have done all the things then mid March is a good time to get some cool weather plants into your garden beds. A few good ones that can handle the cooler night temperatures are cabbage, beets, spinach, lettuce, carrots, turnips and radishes.

I like to directly sow all of the cool weather plants by seed. And because I know March can be fickle I keep a pile of hay close by. This way if a frosty night is forecast I can throw some hay over the bed to protect the seedlings. All chance of frost is gone by mid April so you only have to keep an eye on them for a couple of weeks.

Plan for Summer

#4 Garden tip for March: Plan for Summer. The beginning of March is when I start my summer seeds inside. Things like the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. These can be in the ground by mid April when you no longer have to worry about the weather being unpredictable.

What is your planting zone? Follow this link to find out.

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