Spring is Here! What to do on the Homestead in April.

Spring is here! What do you do now on the homestead in April? Good news! It is time to plant all the things. Yay! This is what you have been waiting for.

If you started your seeds at the beginning of March or even got a jump start as early as February your seedlings will be ready to get in the ground as soon. Always plant after the last chance of frost has past. For my area in Arkadelphia Arkansas, zone 7b, that is after April 15. Check your zone here.

It is time to prepare the garden beds. Clear weeds, mix in some compost and give it some much needed nutrients. We use the liquid from our worm bin to fertilize our soil. Our first year doing that I thought “oh, more is better, right?” NO! You will burn it up and you want to apply it about two weeks before you put your plants in the ground. I use a sprayer and mix about a cup of the “liquid gold aka worm wee” with water in a five gallon bucket. This worked well for us last year.

We didn’t add anything more too it but I have recently been reading that I should be doing it differently so I think I will do a test area. I will share the differences of the two test beds with you in a future post. So be sure to check back for that information this summer. And you will want to check into our Instagram page regularly to see updates and information more frequently.

If you are just getting started with homesteading or a home garden go to my earlier post on The Five Steps to Getting Your Garden Started.

Happy Planting! And please let me know what tips and tricks you are looking for so we can help each other have the best gardens possible.

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