Preparing for New Bees

Preparing for New Bees


The Good, Bad and Edible on Weeds

The good, bad and edible on weeds.  When you have a large area to maintain keeping things beautiful but manageable is a challenge. The best way to manage large spaces is to reevaluate your opinion on weeds.  For the most part people have adopted the view that weeds are ugly, unnecessary and should be done…

Saving the Bees

Saving the Bees. Helping the Bees. Supporting the Bee’s. All are very important to us on the Farmstead. One of the most profound things that hit home for me was watching “Vanishing of the Bees.” In it they discussed what has been happening to the bee population and the role of mono-crops and pesticides have…

Why We Decided to Homestead

The desire to homestead has been mine not my husbands.  He likes the idea.  He likes the pounds of fresh figs. He likes the time we spend together working on everything. He likes making me happy. What he doesn’t like is the heat and all the work after work.  Even so, he believes in what…

Another Year and Still Growing

Learn what will work best for you.  It is easy to have grand ideas of selling at the local farmers market and such but learning and managing all that it entails is a challenge.