Shooting In The Dark

Until you figure out the reason for your illness and address the root cause you will not be able to heal.


My “Rare” Diagnosis

No one listened. The doctors insisted it was too rare. Just because it is rare doesn’t mean it isn’t real. That is exactly what I had the “rare diagnosis”

Eating Clean: The Challenge

The challenge to learn what it means to eat clean. Everywhere you turn the media is touting a new fad with big claims it can be hard to figure out.

How CBD Helped Me

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome all cause extreme pain that none of the medications could touch but CBD oil took all the pain away in hours.

EMPL: What is it?

EMPL: What is it? E is for eat clean, M is for move daily, P is for pray oten and L is for love much. The four pillars to a holistic lifestyle of balance. E is for Eating Clean. What we fuel our bodies with is the foundation of our health. Without proper nutrition our…

My Journey to EMPL on Blue Fig Farmstead

Time for change My journey to eat clean, move daily, pray often and love much or (EMPL) has been a long one that has lead me to working full time on the farmstead and blogging about it. I decided in early 2017 to spend the next year focusing on my health.  Have you ever felt…

5 Steps to Get Your Garden Started

5 Steps to Get Your Garden Started
1-What to plant
2-Choose your location
3-Check soil pH
4-Prepare your soil